why do people keep calling me neoderp?

you're not the focus

you shouldn't be trying to steer the conversations in any particular direction. conversation flows naturally from the battle, discussion thereof, and (if the battle is well-populated) tangential topics.

casual attitude

showderp is a lot of people's way to relax and unwind. you shouldn't 'tryhard' within discussion or get overly invested within a particular interaction. it's off-putting and out of place.

no bullshit

maybe you were able to trick your 10th grade english teacher into thinking you read the book you did your book report on, but that sort of thing doesn't fly here. admit your lack of knowledge and it'll be better for you.

don't be too epic

mostly applies when champing. sometimes people are merely pretending to be retarded. that's fine on an occasional basis, but the point of showderp is to try to win -- even if you're not trying your best, it should still be your goal to succeed, rather than to piss people off.

don't break the rules

don't try to impeach a champ that hasn't done anything wrong -- it just derails the thread. if you're champ, use the team you're suggested and do ladder battles in the tier you are supposed to. don't attract undue attention from mods and get people locked on showdown.