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what IS a meme, anyway?

A metric against which to judge your suggestions.

technically, it's permitted for users to submit any pokemon set which is legal in the format champ is currently playing (generally current-gen OU). however, you shouldn't just suggest whatever happens to be topping the current usage charts. the purpose of this page is to (gently) guide users into submitting memes that are appropriate for showderp.

the first big idea for memes is that they ought to be subversive. there are a few ways memes can achieve this. first and most obvious among these is usage-based. the OU tier is defined by a select few pokemon, and you hardly ever see anything that isn't considered 'meta.' so you can suggest a standard set, but on a pokemon from any tier below OU, most obviously PU.

alternately, you can suggest a standard pokemon that promotes a non-standard playstyle. a great example of this would be "BOOM BOOM V2.5," which is a clefable set that revolves around metronome for a random outcome. this is fun because it plays on opponent expectations rather than our own, and causes them to misplay by making a play that would be generally a good choice.

the second main principle for memes is that they shouldn't be deadweight. the point is to try to dunk on people who view pokemon as a purely strategic endeavor, rather than a game. so that doesn't work as well when champ has a team consisting of av cosmogs and av limber dittos. it's supposed to be a challenge for champ to win using fringe strategies, but it's not supposed to be impossible.

despite this, it's not necessarily a bad thing for deadweight suggestions to exist as long as they don't comprise too large a portion of the teams. effectively limiting the number of usable pokemon for champ can assist in humiliating the opponent, but only if it's still possible to win despite the deadweight.

thirdly, consider the broader context of your suggestion. it's not especially funny to suggest a landorus, but it can BECOME funny even with a standard set if it's suggested on the same team as the other two genies. additionally, a standard sweeper can be valid if there's a large segment of dead weight on the team. sandbagging is a completely legitimate strategy to bait an opponent to make a suboptimal play that allows champ to sweep back from behind and make them cry.

your homework for tonight (due by next class) is to study the following classic showderp memes and write a paragraph for each describing what makes it a good meme. make sure to include citations where appropriate!

1. GASTON (4 points)

2. Crogre (8 points)

3. ROULETTE ROCK (4 points)

4. Citizen Snips (7 points)

5. 184 days in India (7 points)

Extra Credit: Create your own meme and submit it to dogars! Be sure to include all moves it would have, its stat spread, nature, etc. (2 bonus points)

additional reading

a lot of classic showderp memes are documented on the website however, the site is not a perfect record of what does and doesn't see use. the wall of fame contains a lot of the most popular memes of all time. it isn't an extensive list by any means, but browsing it will provide some insight that can't necessarily be understood any other way than immersion within them.

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