in ENGLISH, please???



aka champion, chimp, chimbo, chump. the user that we follow around and watch the battles of. the man of the hour, who is using the team we suggested.



aka opponent. while this is generally used by non-champ chat members, it refers to the player in the battle that is not the champ



basically an opponent is considered to be 'sniping' if they deliberately tried to match up against our champion rather than it being completely random chance

'hi jack'


when an opponent disconnects, anyone can 'hijack' the battle by changing their nickname to be what the opponent's was. sometimes this requires guessing their password, which is rarely difficult. when users suspect a new person is behind the wheel on the opponent's side, they may humorously greet them by saying 'hi jack'



could be referring to genies (aka landorus, thundurus, tornadus) or alternately they could have tried to say a naughty word and got caught in the pokemon showdown chat filter.



an appeal to authority of some sort. zarel is the administrator for the pokemon showdown website, which sometimes leads people to humorously imply all occurrences big or small on the website are a direct result of his influence, including rng elements of the game.



refers to the 4chan thread in which champs are selected and teams are suggested.



refers to the large database of archived memes to use as suggestions for champs



aka dunk. basically when champ makes a risky play based on his understanding of what his opponent is about to do.



you may see this get posted in battle chat with no apparent pattern. it's actually a bot command that triggers a screenshot to be taken and posted to



is a bot. she documents all battles for record-keeping and conveniently links each new battle in the previous battle chat



this comes up very rarely, but showderp is not the only group that does what we do. there's an 8chan equivalent known as fullderp. we share a """""friendly""""" rivalry with them