how to be a showderpian (scroll down)

step one go to 4chan

making a sandwich has never been more exciting

i know it's scary but trust me it isn't so bad if you just bite the bullet and give it a go. people can be mean but that's okay! they're allowed to behave in such a manner because they are guaranteed the freedom of speech by the constitution of the united states of america (remember that for later, it's going to be important). but anyway, go to the /vp/ board and look around for the thread that has 'showderp' in the name. sometimes people who make the threads are stupid, but usually not so stupid that they forget to call the showderp thread 'showderp.' after that, scroll to the bottom and follow the link most recently posted to connect LIVE to all the other gamers from the thread.

step two engage with the content

'ironic' screenshot stitched together from pokemon showdown chat and 4chan

for some people, it's enough to just sit idly by and watch as the world turns, observing as events unfolding in their preordained manner. but if you crave something greater, you've got to become a part of it all, not just a sideline character. register an account on pokemon showdown (it takes like 5 seconds) and you can talk DIRECTLY to the current champion. but there's even more engagement to be had than that. if you bide your time patiently, you can actually directly influence the pokemon used in battle by our glorious champion! every so often (about once per hour), the champion will make a post in the 4chan thread asking for a new team. if you're one of the first six replies to this post, champ HAS to use whatever you suggest, from a specs weedle to a banded caterpie!

step 3 absorb the essence of showderp into your very soul

my wife!

it takes a rare soul for step two to not be enough. heck, lots of people stop with step one. but you're not like the rest of them, are you? you seek not only to influence the world around you, but to control it. congratulations. that means you have the innate latent power necessary to BECOME the champion of showderp. every so often, the current champion will step down, whether voluntarily or forcefully. when this happens, use your lightning-fast reflexes to post in thread "me" (make sure to post with a tripcode or it doesn't count!). and with that, you may claim your rightful place at the top of our magnificent heirarchy. long may you reign.